Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Writing on Wednesday #3

I would like to thank Ms. Blase from The Misunderstood Girl in Womanhood and Classic NYer from Classic NYC Story for adding their flair to this story. The three of us have come up with a pretty intense start to a paranormal story, so I'll share what we have so far with all of you. Please feel free to add to the piece - you can leave a few sentences, a paragraph, or an entire page - whatever your heart desires. Oh, and I also need a title - I would appreciate some suggestions :)

Thanks for participating and following EYO!

I always knew I was different, not just the "sort of odd" or  "eccentric" kind of different, but different from the entire human population. I've always felt something inside of me, something special. Wait, special isn't the right word. Unique, that's it. If I was standing in a crowded room, I always stood out, even when I tried to blend in with the others. It was as if I had a "HERE I AM! LOOK AT ME!" sign permanently stuck to my back. But the weirdest thing was that I didn't stick out like a sore thumb, only certain people noticed my uniqueness, and after they knew what I was their only goal was to make me one of their own.
Little did they know that if they tried to possess me, I would actually be the one to possess them and take hold of them from the depths of their souls. Over the years I've discovered that vulnerable appearances can lure even the hardest of hearts. It is for this reason that I usually keep to myself and shy away from company. That is, I did... until I met Her. She had red hair and green eyes and dark skin and something about her, well, I don't know, her aura, called out to me.
It had been so long since I actually opened myself up to another person, let someone else in completely. I had lost so many friends, family, and lovers because of what I had become, and although I feared that I would take her life, some part of me needed her. I yearned for a friend, someone who could share my hopes and dreams, a shoulder to cry on when I couldn't get the images of the ones I had taken out of my head. I can't explain it, but I just knew she was what I had been searching for throughout my entire lonely existence.


becca said...

wow what a story one i think a lot of people can relate to to. well done hugs

Mandy Lum said...

thanks! feel free to add to it :)

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