Monday, November 14, 2011

Movie Monday # 5

Bad Teacher is a must see movie! It is absolutely hilarious and far from what I expected from watching the  trailers. The cast was great and played their parts perfectly, especially Cameron Diaz (Elizabeth Halsey, the hot, bad-ass chick who should be doing anything but teaching) and Justin Timberlake (Scott Delacorte, her new, cutie pie, ultra nerdy co-worker). I never thought I would ever say these words, but Justin Timberlake is a great actor, and I'm sure you will feel the same way after watching this movie. 

I also appreciate this movie because yes, I was a teacher before my heart failed last year. I know, it seems impossible, lol, but I was indeed a middle school/high school teacher for four years. Bad Teacher reminded me of many things I and a few of my co-workers have done over the years, minus the embezzlement  of school funds and on campus drug use. Teaching is a very rewarding occupation but can be extremely stressful (more often than not) and sometimes you want to strangle those kids (and some of their parents, haha). Then there are the times you want to yell as loudly as you can, "What in hell where you thinking?!?" or rip up their tests because of some of the stupid things they write. Then there are the super strange ones that you have no idea what to say or what to do with them, but at least they add a little flair to the classroom. 

And having a bad day is not an option because just when you think it is safe to put you head down on your podium for just a minute while the kids finish their  classwork, the principal pops his/her head through the door!  Then there are those over-achieving, absolutely annoying co-workers who you want to strangle even more than your students for being so outrageously cheery all of the freakin time!  Ms. Squirrel  is the perfect example of one of these teachers, and Lucy Punch did an amazing job playing the part.  She was beyond hilarious! 

To put it simply, WATCH THIS MOVIE! You will not be disappointed. 

EYO gives Bad Teacher...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Chicagoland Vamps Ratings...

Twice Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires #3) by Chloe Neill

Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires #4) by Chloe Neill

Drink Deep (Chicagoland Vampires #5) by Chloe Neill

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

I absolutely love horror films, and I live for Halloween! Seriously, when else is it acceptable to dress up in a skanky costume, eat all of the candy you can get your hands on, and stay up all night watching the best horror flicks? So, in honor of one of the best holidays on the planet, here is my top 50 horror films list. The list is not necessarily in order according to fear factor - they are simply my 50 favorite horror films. But don't worry, I guarantee that each one of these spooky movies will send chills up and down your spine. Enjoy!

#50 - An American Werewolf In Paris (1997)
#49 - Interview With The Vampire
#48 - Underworld
#47 - Daybreakers
#46 - The Bone Collector
#45 - Stir Of Echos
#44 - Gothika
#43 - Thirteen Ghosts
#42 - Critters
#41 - Gremlins
#40 - Tremors
#39 - The Sixth Sense
#38 - Blade II
#37 - House Of 1000 Corpses
#36 - Hannibal
#35 - Final Destination
#34 - The People Under The Stairs
#33 - Candyman
#32 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
#31 - Psycho (1960)
#30 - Halloween
#29 - Mimic
#28 - Wrong Turn
#27 - Frailty
#26 - Saw VI
#25 - I Am Legend (2007)
#24 - Silence Of The Lambs
#23 - Identity
#22 - Seven
#21 - Friday The 13th
#20 - A Nightmare On Elm Street
#19 - 28 Weeks Later
#18 - Dawn Of The Dead (2004)
#17 - The Omen (2006)
#16 - The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
#15 - The Grudge
#14 - The Ring
#13 - Child's Play
#12 - Insidious
#11 - Amityville Horror (2005)
#10 - The Descent
#9 - Saw
#8 - Resident Evil
#7 - 28 Days Later
#6 - Sleepaway Camp
#5 - Pet Sematary
#4 - Children Of The Corn
#3 - The Exorcist (1973)
#2 - The Shining

and finally, EYO's favorite horror film...

#1 - The Omen (1976)

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