Saturday, March 12, 2011

Crazy Character Saturday!

Today is dedicated to those lovely, oh so entertaining CRAZY CHARACTERS who we love so much. Almost every book I read seems to feature a CRAZY CHARACTER, someone who is a few French fries short of a Happy Meal. Some are not exactly crazy but are odd or eccentric. Regardless of the level of craziness, there is always a character who stands out from the crowd. So today's question to all of you is...Who is your favorite CRAZY CHARACTER?

My Answer: There are so many unique characters that I would love to rave about, but my favorite CRAZY CHARACTER of the moment is "Yo-Yo Girl" from Patricia Briggs's Mercy Thompson series. Mercy calls the character "Yo-Yo Girl" because she looks like a little girl who wears pigtails and a puffy dress and is always playing with a yo-yo. But this little girl is not what she seems to be. "Yo-Yo Girl" is her glamor, the disguise she uses to hide her real identity. So far, her real identity has not been revealed (I'm hoping it will be by the end of the series), but Mercy is pretty positive that she  is one of the scariest fae you could ever lay your eyes on. The part that makes her crazy to me is that she is one of the most powerful fae in the country, a Grey Lord, but she choses to use an innocent little girl as her disguise. 

So, who is your favorite CRAZY CHARACTER?

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