Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fun on Sunday (1)

So I decided to devote Sundays to having a bit of fun, to forgetting about the seriousness of life. I also made a promise to myself to read at least one page of posts from DamnYouAutoCorrect.Com once a week, because laughing is life's best natural medication. Here's something to make you laugh along with me:


Ms. Blasé said...

Just dropping by from the WordsinSync Weekend blog hop... I was intrigued by your blog button and, now that I'm here, am in awe of your blog design! Reminds me of the intricate designs that show up when someone turns on black light. This is great! And thanks for introducing me to the auto correct site. I had never heard of it, but just visited it and am already laughing. Have a great Sunday!

Mandy Lum said...

Thanks! I've been working so hard on my blog - I'm sort of a perfectionist, so I won't stop until everything is perfect. Glad to hear other people like it :)

A friend of mine is a teacher at a public high school close to where I live (in Louisiana so you can imagine the public school system here), and her job is super tough. She was having a rough time at the beginning of the school year, so she told me she was going to read a page of posts a day from just to cheer herself up. After looking at the site, I made the same promise to myself. It is hilarious - if you need a laugh, just go to that site.

Thanks for stopping by!

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