Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Art Giveaway @ Bookaholic Does Blogging!

I am honored to say that Ashley who blogs at BOOKAHOLIC DOES BLOGGING is hosting an awesome giveaway - a unique piece of book art created by ME! Yay! It's my first piece of altered book art and I'm super excited to have it featured on her blog. 

Here's a pic of the one-of-a-kind book art that one lucky follower of Bookaholic Does Blogging will win...

Now isn't that the prettiest book you have ever seen? (patting myself on the back)  I had so much fun creating this piece and I hope the winner enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it :)

If you would like to enter this awesome giveaway, just click the link below and hop on over to Ashley's blog for more details. 

Thanks Ashley, you're the best!

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